Phlebotomists are health care workers who are specially trained to take blood.

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Medicinal Plants And Herbs

22 June, 2023 (19:40) | General | By:

Medicinal plants – used to treat humans, animals or used for the production of medicines at us you'll find everything about medicinal herbs. They are usually prepared from tinctures, teas, tinctures, juices, creams, etc. Dr. John Mcdougall pursues this goal as well. For many centuries communication with the herbs people knew their healing properties and […]


7 August, 2018 (21:26) | General | By:

Having read this here behold every variety of information, come home, and watch carefully for my child: but does not show a case where one or other symptoms. Finally, after a little scamp viewed by several different doctors from the heart of the small rolls back the heavy component of extreme apprehensions. All to become […]

Chronicle Of An Autopsy

6 August, 2018 (20:19) | General | By:

He was a hero-anonymous-as any doctor, walked the streets and roads of the world in search of life, one night in June, those with no moon, no stars, I saw the face of death, so close that I felt his breath necrotic , so close in Emergency, Operating Room and ICU “Almanzor Aguinaga” of health […]

Ancient Ways Healing Walnut Oil

22 March, 2017 (13:18) | General | By:

(PUFA) – useful. These include linseed oil, fish oil, walnut oil. The leader of PUFA – 92% – walnut oil. Ratio of Omega-3: omega-6 is one to four. Monounsaturated (olive, corn oil, they do not contain Omega-3) – neutral. In these oils to fry well and preserve, they do not form kontserogennye matter. PUFAs contain […]

The French Diet

2 March, 2017 (08:26) | General | By:

The French diet is already in the title of "French diet" we fancies a special charm. Well, of course, the belief that we pohudeem, because it is difficult to find grucnuyu Frenchwoman. But why are so many online diametrically opposing reviews, critical and enthusiastic about the French diet? Rapid weight loss for week one example […]

Medicinal Plants

16 September, 2016 (02:57) | General | By:

Golden mustache – one of the best, in my opinion, medicinal plants, has high medicinal properties and helps with many diseases such as chronic pancreatitis, asthma, diabetes, stomach ulcer, cyst ovary, liver, gall bladder, etc. The Golden mustache is also called Venus hair. Golden mustache looks like a young corn in height usually reaches 50-100 […]

Dmitry Tikhomirov

10 August, 2016 (08:48) | General | By:

"The methodology bioresonance medicine on the human body affected by weak signals, but these signals are meaningful to humans, explains Dmitry Tikhomirov, the training of physicians working with AIC "IMEDIS-Expert" at the Department of Post education at the Moscow University of Friendship of Peoples. – You have to understand that even a weak but significant […]

Depression Implications

25 January, 2016 (04:58) | General | By:

Stress and depression: an inevitable consequence of recognized modern life, which had a devastating impact on mental and physical health. Due to depression and stress may occur such species mental disorders like addiction, insomnia, skin diseases, diseases of the gastric system, hypertension, migraines, certain types of bone diseases, disorders of kidney function, broncho-pulmonary diseases, allergies […]

Cold Season

12 January, 2016 (19:26) | General | By:

Physiotherapy in the fight against colds Prevention – the best way No matter how bad cold, do not perceive it as inevitable and doomed to prepare to suffer from a runny nose, cough and sore throat, stocks all sorts of drugs. Prevention has been and remains the best means of disease. For the season of […]

Dental Erosion

6 December, 2013 (13:12) | General | By:

Caries is the destruction of dental hard tissue, which is the most frequent cause of his total or partial destruction. Probably not in the world of a man who has not encountered this problem. Cause of tooth decay is acid, which destroy the enamel, penetrates deeper and affects dentin, after which the tooth begins to […]