Phlebotomists are health care workers who are specially trained to take blood.

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The Alternative To Jams And Preserves

29 March, 2019 (13:26) | General | By:

Veroniques finest fruit spreads in supermarkets now also available especially children and young people eat little fruit: only 19 percent of 6-12 year olds up children in Germany consume the recommended amount of fruit. With these and other data, the German society for nutrition including appeals for years for a healthier diet. Dr. John Mcdougall […]

Alkaline Diet – Healthy Diet Made Easy!

17 March, 2019 (17:19) | General | By:

How can I start through successfully and quickly with an alkaline diet? Is alkaline diet nowadays in many mouth – but how can you easily integrate this form of nutrition in his everyday life without big hurdles? This form of healthy nutrition can be explained quite simply: they feed to 80% alkaline or neutral, acidic […]

The Benefits Of Vegetarian Diet

4 February, 2018 (11:26) | General | By:

” Vegetarian diet as a versatile and varied alternative to meat that number of vegetarians is growing and growing that meat-free diet is becoming more popular, even a quick glance shows on the Internet: a plethora of forums, information pages, shopping tips, food ideas, as well as countless vegetarian recipes and even the news “is […]

Harry Lewandowski Publisher

19 December, 2017 (09:02) | General | By:

The danger, that you read the food at the email wraps down without being aware of the situation, is great. Be this short break worth itself, at least for half an hour, the eyes and the mind snap. Then it continues well strengthened. Be healthy snack nutrition coach Reinhard Karl ublacker has a rule of […]

Healthy Food

27 May, 2014 (04:33) | General | By:

News from the novo test morning cereal, lunch steak with salad and vegetable soup in the evening, the sounds of health, vitality, power and energy to. But this is not true at all. Why? The novo test by Immogenics revealed that. “If two do the same thing, which is not yet long the same”, is […]