Phlebotomists are health care workers who are specially trained to take blood.

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26 October, 2012 (23:31) | General | By:

This foiresguardado space, so that the patient could perceive itself, to take conscience of suaspotencialidades, becoming free itself of the arrests, of fears paralisantes preconceptions, atento. The atendimentos contextualizados with respect to cirurgiae its implications exceed for feelings and emotions, self-knowledge, entreoutros subjects. Oindividuo that decides to submit itself to the baritrica surgery faces one diversidadede conflicts. The fight to remain itself in the program is extenuante. The necessity to desubmeter it surgery, as one of the last possibilities of recovery dasade, brings in its context, intense an emotional load. Although the taking deconscincia, of the matureness of the decision, feelings of fear, desire, anxiety, anguish, joy, depression and euphoria if mesclam daily. Diantede taboos how much to the surgery, of the stories of failure histories, of the modotrgico as some people faces the fact, the patient is collated, questioned, needing, therefore of security for the confrontation dadeciso. Familiar, partners, neighbors and friends try to intervene.

Emboraisso is a care act, generates doubt in the patient, demanding determination efortalecimento in the choice on the part of the candidate the surgery. Mesmotendo opted to the surgery, other conflicts if install. The patient trazconsigo, beyond its history of life, of the overload of weight, sofrimentoproveniente of the frustrations, the preconception, the difficulty to transit navida. Some barriers become unsurmountable. In general, it comes to oatendimento, devoid of information on the subject and layperson in the treatment future, decurrent dasconseqncias of the surgery. Considerandoa amplitude of to be unmasked universe and the eemocionais physical comprometimentos, presented for obeso mrbido, became clearly for me, queavaliar somebody could be a limiter process. To construct a deajuda relation, to follow them in this transistion and to exceed with them, the tantasbarreiras constructed throughout its experiences, resulted in the formation of umvinculo therapeutical, that it made possible the rescue of the autoconfiana, fatoconstatado in the stories of the patients.