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Strengths and Weaknesses

18 June, 2013 (09:40) | General | By:

And we know them, of course, with strengths and weaknesses. I wish I were only virtues but the world is not as beautiful and not has been granted us that desirable foretaste of the heavenly paradise. We must therefore think about defects and against them, tolerate them in some cases, become indifferent in others and raise his voice and protest when it is necessary because some defects bother more than others. There are several other behaviors hard to bear. Here are some: the hypocrisy: Judas kisses the teacher and gives the signal to those who want to capture them. In appearance he was a kiss of affection but it was actually the fulfillment of a Pact to sell Jesus for thirty pieces of silver miserably stained with blood.

The kiss of Judas, the expensive double stab and masks, symbolize this behavior characterized by pretending friendship, respect, closeness and even affection, when what you want is really hurt. The lie: in principle we wish to believe other people. Some cultures have even created their social structures based on credibility in the neighbor, brother, friend. In them the word is the value of a document. But by medium is the lie: a harmful statement contrary to the truth usually intended to cause harm, to evade responsibilities or, simply, deny the reality.

Not only liar lies: also cheats, distorts reality, betrays the trust and blurs the value of the word. Who is the victim of a lie feels mocked and, when discovered, usually assumes the radical not to believe in other people again decision. The mockery: is a lack of respect in which ridicules a person, a group or an organization. Who is mocked suffers intense pain, enormous anger and almost overwhelming desire to enforce in any way, even with the use of violent means. The mocked feels humiliated and degraded and feel the uncontrollable desire to act for retrieve the honour to hurt and wounded pride. Slander: lives in society and is present everywhere. She is seen in elegant offices in humble neighborhoods, in the elites of power, in the privileged sectors, in the end. In principle it is a lie but is directed to cause direct damage to the honor of the people. It is very easy of initiate, promote and position, but very difficult to reverse. Something is libel is a valid popular expression, because when someone is a victim of a defamation, leaves hardly unscathed as normally adverse comments tend to have some followers who will never take the trouble to investigate the reality and will be much less willing to believe the corrections where these are made. We have presented a small sample of what do not support others and what others nor supported by us. But there is more. And now we will talk about them in a next installment. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian academic whose articles are published on websites, newspapers and magazines of several countries of the world. He was recently awarded the prize of EL CERREJON journalism on the internet modaidad. He is frequently invited to seminars and conferences in various cities.