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Stefan Nova

14 March, 2017 (11:55) | General | By:

At the same time, the forest of the Umgebungsthemparatur cools down. The opposite effect occurs in the winter months, i.e. force the plants go back, because the existing forest provides a warming. If we assume that the entire agriculture about so searches on 25% of the country, the that keeping of animals, and the cultivation of fruit and vegetables will take place simultaneously and evenly distributed, then would the man within a few years have healthier animals, healthy fruit and vegetables and a relaxed environment, with increasing values also in terms of money income. With the forest, it is also more and more evenly Rain, because forests attract rain.

Weather will adapt back to the situation, it is again steady rain, storms will diminish and will stop the erosion in the mountain slopes. The best environmental protection, which brings money indefinitely and will make possible future healthy economies is the forest and afforestation. They emigrated to Paraguay in 2008, do a few words you say us? I myself am emigrated to Paraguay to the project of life Island Paraguay ( to innitieren and to live in, not to evangelize. Since 2008 we have started to plant forest, located on an area of 10 HA more than 2 million seeds with 2 people and our own handmade 6.5 HA. We have initiated organic farming and lead training sessions and conversations where we have the opportunity.

I myself, guide people who come to me, to heal itself. I’ll show you that you need neither a doctor nor chemical medicine. We educate about ingredients, dyes and durability materials I do people who want it in the contact with your own divinity and teaching, you heal, clairvoyance and many others. And who to trust the big step to the diet without wanting to take food and drink, I’m going to walk the gentle a transformation to light food and a step further to the good people to go. Here I would refer only briefly to Dr. Brors at the University of Berlin, the Sun is our fate to his publications”on the evolution of man to the good people wrote articles. We show how to increase agricultural production with very little effort and very little cost, how to make again fertile soil depleted and infertile for fruits and vegetables. But I would like to return to the environmental protection, agriculture and ecological biological cultivation, also for industrial enterprises. “Here we successfully carry out tests for just 36 months, with the so-called ORGA cult” whose PDF book on our website can be downloaded for free. Here one can with very few resources Growth rate obtained by more than 30%, without poison the soil with chemicals. We began in the region and are back in the region. On-site at the people in the various communities. This future will be made by deliberate together and in peace lived. An interview with Stefan Nova for the life island