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Square Aged

8 August, 2012 (23:35) | General | By:

E, for my joy and stops of all the accompanying children of the aged ones, the project was extended, and some infantile activities implemented in this exactly space. we can here see a picture well glad: As for the sort question, the aged masculine is inserted in this context, in well lesser number. As I said previously, the park was created pra aged in an environment total opened, but, the number of men whom they frequent actively is considerably well lesser. In it has detached we have the women, children of both the sexos in changeable ages, and the curious ones of planto. Before the acquisition of the Square of the aged one, we did not costumvamos to see a concentration of women in the streets, or in some space in particular, except when one was about an event in common.

But, today valley the penalty to give a return in an end of afternoon, the square of the Aged one. I brought with me this concern in relation to the women of this city, therefore, the aged men, if concentrate daily in the banks in the road, as well as in the banks of the gardens, to play. We can observe this constantly practical cooperativista and, in great amount of people. There they play, smoke, talk, count jokes, fofocam, comment on the girls who pass in the streets, give laugh, if they amuse and they fill the free time. Considering everything what he was said above, personally I am happy for perceiving that the women who if had found in this ample space, and can play, bring up to date novels, get excited themselves and also to give good laugh. However, I am worried about what the excess of activities can came to cause in these aged ones, therefore, even so it has some informative plates of as to use each device, the aged one (to a large extent) is acometido by a considerable reduction in the vision and with the precariousness of the illumination, it is more difficult still, a reading and correct interpretation of the plates.