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Soul Swap – Horror By Martin S. Burkhardt

17 October, 2023 (19:48) | General | By:

The new thriller directed by Martin S. Burkhardt runs deep in Finnish forests and into the cavity of a horrible creature. As Peter is suddenly haunted by horrific nightmares and memories of war, his girlfriend MAREN comes a dark family secret, the two leading deep into the murderous past of his grandfather, in mysterious Finnish forests, on the sinister reason of their souls with a terrible, ancient beings. Short description: Peter Heyde lives on the farm of his parents in Schleswig-Holstein, together with his energetic girlfriend MAREN. The ratio between them is tense.

Also, a taciturn old friend of the family sits at the table, MAREN finds strange, yes scary often with: Karl Gustav Lackner. Lackner is a brother of the missing grandfather. More and more often and always more bad dreams Peter, fantasizes of war operations in the snow, a diabolical captain and the injuries sustained in the dream, that pain often long after the awakening. Lackner and Peter’s grandfather were as a boy Soldiers in a cave in Finland encountered a being, that feeds on human energy and can transplant souls in other bodies were the two young men on a diabolical deal letting themselves: all comrades of their unity against a second life in young bodies. Long after their return from the war the two get actually with a baby on the way back to Finland: the newborn Peter. The soul swap takes place, since Lackner waiting, that the soul of his friend Peter comes to the fore. Now it seems to be finally ready…