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Social Security: There Is What Insurance?

17 June, 2016 (19:47) | General | By:

A brief overview of the Versicherungsdschungel facts on the topic of social security: the five pillars of the social security the German social security system consists of the so-called “five pillars”. These are: health insurance, accident insurance, pension insurance, unemployment insurance, and long-term care insurance. Social insurance compulsory insurance for all employees and apprentices, students and pensioners are to refer to the age of 30, defence and civilian service, also for the unemployed, the unemployment benefits from. Health insurance: According to the social security code is the: “task of the statutory health insurance, to maintain the health of the insured, to restore or improve their health. Also includes, to relieve disease symptoms “.” The health insurance carrier are the respective health insurance companies, for example, local krankenkassen (AOK), company health insurance funds, guilds, etc.

These are financed by the contributions of its members according to the Half of the employers and the workers. The statutory pension scheme pensioners accepts the employer’s contribution. Can make health his choice there is Fund voting rights. Because each insurance company offers different additional options, it is beneficial to learn about several funds. Accident insurance: Also here in the social code read that it is task of the accident insurance: “prevent accidents at work, occupational diseases and work-related health hazards and after the occurrence of accidents at work or occupational diseases the health and performance of the insured by any suitable means to restore”. Services of statutory accident insurance are in the main medical services as well as wage replacement or compensation in money (injured money, injury pension, survivor’s pension). The accident insurance is supported by the Professional Association. This is financed only from the contributions of employers.

In other words, the employee pays himself no post this insurance policy. By the pension insurance, we received after our retirement pension insurance pension. The pension insurance are the State Insurance Institute for work (LVA) and the federal insurance institution for employees (BfA), workers pay their contributions in the LVA and employees in the BfA.