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SMS Card

11 September, 2013 (15:10) | General | By:

SMS messages that sent banks to our mobile alerting operations we carry out with card are the target of a new scam. You must be attentive. New technologies are fertile ground for cybercriminals: phishig, spam, and other kinds of deception are the order of the day. This time, the alert is triggered by SMS from the Bank. Many banks offer their customers the possibility of sending an SMS to your mobile telling when an operation is performed with the card credit, as well as the amount that is loaded. Well, it seems that this service, highly recommended as it is a further guarantee of safety in the use of card, has been chosen to plan a new type of fraud to consumers. What it is? Apparently, send an SMS informing of a non-existent operation, a purchase with the card you have charged a money and providing a phone number to contact in case of doubt.

And, as is logical, the user who receives an SMS with a purchase amount that has not done is meets you ask you will be asked the data of your card number, expiry date, CVS to confirm it is indeed an error, but the number who has called is not from your bank, so you just give all the data to an unknown. What do? Therefore, if it has given high message service to the movi, as additional level of security, do well. But must be wary and alert you of a post that you did not, does not call the phone number provided in the message: call directly to your bank branch or the contact number that appears on the back of credit cards. Never call the number that appears in the SMS: is an example of phone phishing to steal personal data.