Phlebotomists are health care workers who are specially trained to take blood.

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4 November, 2013 (09:36) | General | By:

In it, we make the exodus of the slavery for the freedom, of the death for the life, as Jav made with the Hebrew people in Egypt. ' ' I saw, I I saw the misery of my people who is in Egypt. I heard its outcry because of its oppressors, therefore I know its you distress. For this, I went down, to free it of the slavery, and to make it to go up for a vast and good land, land that milk flows and mel' ' Former 3,7-10. Before de Jesus, Jav goes until the slavery of the people it made and it to go up for the freedom in Cana. Jesus makes script the same: he goes down of the sky, he assumes the servant condition, he frees the people of the slavery of the sin he takes and it I obtain in return pra House of the Father, where the full life of the divine Family will live with it.

Jesus, to one only time, destroys in its body the sin and communicates the divine life that the sin moved away. The complementary faces of the pardon, to one time destroy the sin of the world and only communicate new life, for the faith. Passover makes to pass of the death (sin) for the life (saint). The words? to atone for? to pardon? to save? they translate the dynamics of the pardon. To atone for is to become pure what he is dirty, to purificar. ' ' Purificai you, you wash yours imundcies. Despite your sins are scarlet, they will be white as neve' '. White is the color of the life saint, perpetual. ' ' The face of transfigurado Jesus resplendeceu as the sun and its vestments had become white as luz' ' TM 17,2. The transfigurao discloses the origin of Jesus and anticipates its resurrection, as well as the weddings of Sugar cane anticipates the hour of Jesus to take off the sin of the world, to give the life for us, a time for all.