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Skin Treatments

14 August, 2016 (11:49) | General | By:

It is recommended in these cases soaps Oatmeal or Mimosa extracts. In the preadolescent years the need for soap and bath daily increases. Sweat and sebaceous glands are now operating more efficiently and can withstand repeated use of soap. From puberty to adulthood (13-19 years) sebaceous glands function at maximum capacity. This is especially true for the scalp, forehead, face and upper chest. There is often some degree of acne and complexion fat. The routine of taking a shower or bath should become a habit. Frequently washing the face can reduce fat and help ease slightly acne. In the elderly. As skin ages, the sebaceous glands secrete sebum much lesser degree. The soap can begin to cause an undesirable degree of dryness. This response varies from person to person. Others may follow by washing with soap for a long time without any adverse effects.

Seasonal variations affect the skin and should be considered. The cold, wind, sunlight and other environmental factors play a role in the development of dry skin. If soap is used frequently in the later stages of life can develop xerosis (dry skin). It is better to reduce the use of soap, especially in the legs (this is highly recommended in winter). Cleansing creams or lotions may be good substitutes. Certain areas of the body, however, may require continued use of soap. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld has much experience in this field. The body folds are the areas where the soap must remain employed. It is also important to hydrate the skin after bathing in patients with dry skin. Cleansing milk cleansing tissues are used for face and eyes as soap substitutes. They are particularly suitable in dry skin. Work by forming an emulsion with the fat and the remains of makeup that can then be removed. Some also have a moisturizing and soothing to fit all type of skins, including more sensitive and fragile (atopic) and even the health of the area in the baby’s diaper because it does not contain perfume or alcohol. They are applied directly by hand or by impregnating a piece of cotton and spread over the areas to be cleaned. Then dry the excess milk with a towel and cleaning is completed by applying a tonic lotion according to skin type. You have to alternate the use of these facial cleansing milk products without the use of soap. Dry skin or xerosis Dry skin, also called xerosis, is a common dermatological condition. The symptoms are peeling, dryness and itching that can occur at any time of life. Some children may have pruritis or itching with dry skin in atopic dermatitis. The dryness of the skin is very common in people over 60 years. Some people are genetically predisposed to dry skin, scaly (ichthyosis). Others develop cracked and dry skin due to internal or cutaneous disease after exposure to environmental factors.