Phlebotomists are health care workers who are specially trained to take blood.

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Russian Federation

18 January, 2022 (23:18) | General | By:

Built-in microprocessor converts the analog signal to digital, as well as corrects for ambient temperature (- 40 C to + 45 C). The level of the digital signal to 6 million times higher than that of conventional sensors with analog output. This avoids the distortions caused by exposure to strong electromagnetic fields. Microprocessor with internal diagnostics for easy troubleshooting and allows you to automate the calibration weights. The results of measurements in digital form, transmitted by cable to the terminal weight (indicator).

The sensor body weight is completely sealed, made of stainless steel using laser welding and filled with inert gas. To reduce wear of the bearing surfaces of the sensor coated with silicon nitride. Form of lower heel eliminates cranking the weight sensor in the operation, and the spherical shape of the upper surface of the heel prevents the occurrence of the tangential component of the load. Connection cables and boxes Scales are equipped with special cables with two shielding. The outer, braided stainless steel strong enough to withstand high mechanical loads and to protect the cable against rodents. Sealed connector bayonet type provides a reliable contact even in the case of immersion in water.

Connectors boxes made of stainless steel and supplied with special fittings and gaskets that protect the internal connections in the class IP67 Lightning protection Lightning protection – a set of hardware, designed to protect the weight of equipment from voltage pulses on the ac circuit and electromagnetic pulses that can be point-"lightning. Some of these funds include: content filter Surge on ac circuits; discharge elements and shunt load cells installed in the connecting ducts; the use of screening of cable jackets as "hardware land; Special copperplated three-meter ground rod and braided bus connecting rod with the body weight of the terminal. As practice shows, the scales are equipped with lightning protection system, are highly resistant to electromagnetic momentum and keep working even if a close lightning strike. Company "Siberia-set" as the official representative of mettler toledo in the Siberian region, offers automobile and track scales for any tasks the customer and together with mettler toledo, offers equipment delivery to anywhere in the cis, equipment installation and personnel training, warranty service, comprehensive information and technical support. Heavy weights mettler toledo certified in the Russian Federation and submitted to the State. Register of measurement.