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Rules For Storing Food At Home

25 August, 2016 (15:56) | General | By:

In order to prepare delicious and healthy culinary dishes, it is necessary to know how to correctly store food, of which these dishes will be prepared. Meat, fish and dairy products must be stored in the home no more than 1-2 days. Cereals and pasta, as well as sugar and flour should be stored in glass jars in a dry place with clogged caps. Greens, herbs and vegetables should be stored no more than 2-3 days as they begin to deteriorate and lose necessary properties. In order to avoid decay and laxity of greens and vegetables, it is necessary to keep them at low temperature. Best fruit stored in the cold. Under normal circumstances, they remain no more than 2 days and start spoil. Onions and garlic need to weave in Kosice and store them in a suspended position and the cabbage should be kept in the cold. Potatoes are like dark chilled place, as well as legumes. Nuts should be stored in bags for a long time, and Fresh mushrooms are not more than 2 days. Chill is the best way to preserve food fresh longer. Ground coffee quickly loses its flavor and to keep the flavor of coffee is best stored beans. With proper food storage, they will be less than the port, and dishes made from them, will be delicious and tasty.