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Right Food For The Rodents

16 March, 2018 (13:18) | General | By:

An okotrophologe finds his Plasierchen ingredients exactly the dietary habits of each animal, and for any rodents this topic the rodent experts by HUGRO take very seriously the right food -. An okotrophologe, which specializes in the nutritional habits of rodents, has created Guinea pig and dwarf rabbit next to feed for hamster, also for unusual rodents under the label of “Rodent dream ” feed compositions, that fit exactly to the nutritional needs of animals. About gerbils live in the nature of grasses, plants, leaves and roots – and then a few small insects in the pleasure is perfect! Therefore, gerbils are not pure vegetarians. Therefore, HUGRO rodent dream race mouse food premium contains a balanced mixture of double purified, small, fine seeds, cereal and delicious Bach amphipods to the protein supply. In the selection of the seeds was sure that the gerbils can take according to their custom in the Forefeet. The mix contains all necessary amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

In addition, the lining ensures a good digestion and the necessary tooth abrasion. Also, Chipmunks are Gemischtkostler. As the diurnal animals move much, they need a high-energy diet that is rich in animal proteins. The constantly fresh pre-packaged Premiumfutter includes both dried fruit, double purified crops, cereal products and fine seeds as delicious nuts and Silkworm pupae. The latter are rich in omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, so unsaturated fatty acids and proteins. All necessary amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements contained in this varied mix of food. Optimal condition of the small Flinkfussler, a regulated digestion and a regular tooth abrasion are optimally guaranteed.

Especially for baby dwarf rabbit, there is a purely vegetarian diet that contains many fibres, because you sweet little ones due to their thin-walled stomach and long intestines without Actually constantly eat peristalsis. Also, they have to gnaw constantly because their teeth in the infinite would grow. The easily digestible pellets contain vegetables, garden herbs, cereals and cover so their complete nutritional needs. For a change, herb Hay, as well as the tasty rodents dream recommends dandelion. Not only is this snack, but still many more goodies enrich the range consists of high quality, natural ingredients. More information and list of distributors under:. Company description the HUGRO GmbH is worked for 26 years with the brand “HUGRO” active in the distribution of small animal accessories, focus on hemp litter and cellulose recycling litter,. In the course of the expansion and increasing international activities, the company was 2009 converted into a GmbH. Increasingly, HUGRO also with natural animal toys made of wood, natural care products and rodent feed is.