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RFID Reader / Writer & Transponder

10 December, 2019 (18:56) | General | By:

The perfect combination with RFID reader/writer. Cost savings through process optimization with the RFID – reader / writer. Reader / writer RSDM systems offers an economical and practical solution with high information flow with the RFID. Customer-oriented solutions whether hand – table or fixed equipment. There are compact elegant case design for desktop devices.

These are to the read and describe uses of data from the tag. The transponder is the disk whose main component is a microchip, these can be as small as a grain of rice. An air interface data/information be submitted, read out at PC cards or encoded according to the different transponders as: EM, Mifore, Hitag, LEGIC RSDM systems. A USB RFID reader creates an electromagnetic high frequency field with minimum range of 20-80 mm. Through this process, the transponder is supplied with energy and transmit the data. By constantly query the interface the software can process the read out information of the transponder.

Through the simple integration in existing systems, they are ideal for industrial and commercial. POS systems, prepaid tickets, labeling, factory data capture, PC access controls, time controls, also in the hotel and catering by the waiter-lock function. In the remove the card from the reading pane, the RFID reader sends a value to the interface, on the basis of this information you can determine whether the user on the device is located. Further advantages are that writing proprietary software to the ProMag hardware. Writing of biometric data (fingerprint), use of transponder media. The USB RFID leser / writer needs to recognize no touch or sight to the transponder and evaluate. Despite the high information flow, no power supply is needed, for the microchip, they receive the energy from the received radio waves.