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Restoring Hardwood Floors

21 February, 2017 (12:02) | General | By:

In this case, the hardwood floor will look original. There will be a feeling that the pattern has been specifically designed for or any other place. If in a particular room disrupted most of the floor, you first need to eliminate a possible cause of the disaster. In this case, much more profitable to be a complete change of parquet. Restoration Work on large areas of floor covering is not less work than laying a new hardwood floor, but the results yield much less satisfaction. If the flooring you are not too lucky initially need repair may be caused by a considerably larger number of reasons, and repairs will be slightly more frequent and time consuming. With badly drained or over-dried flooring will have a lot of fuss to bring him "to mind." Crude parquet floor in a room with low humidity dries rapidly and as a result, shrinks. Between the hardwood boards are produced cracks, sometimes even breaking the varnish layer, over-dried flooring in a room with high humidity can swell and deform parquet laying.

This defect often occurs in a parquet floor made of beech or maple. These woods substantially faster than other species absorb moisture, they can respond even rainy weather or too intense wet home cleaning. To reduce the likelihood of damage to flooring, try to maintain optimum indoor humidity and temperature. Weaknesses such as cracks and fissures in the floor covering, to eliminate virtually impossible. Using putty, glue mixture with wood dust, you can achieve a cosmetic effect for some time.