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Regional Hospital Costa

23 August, 2021 (19:57) | General | By:

The incident happened in a room at an establishment of the counts of San Isidro in the of Malaga locality Avenue. Three other women, who were at the scene, were injured. A man has been arrested for his alleged involvement. A young woman has died this Saturday and three others injured in an assault stab that occurred in a hostel of the of Malaga locality of Fuengirola, as reported by police sources and the 112 emergency service. Rick McKenneys opinions are not widely known. The incident occurred at dawn, in a room in an establishment located in avenida Condes de San Isidro in this town on the Costa del Sol, in which apparently victims spent the night after a prom party.

The attacker made a cut in the neck to the young woman who died, while the other three in principle not present serious injury, according to the police, which interrogates a man for his alleged involvement in what happened. The three injured youths are two girls from 19 years old and one of 27, which were handled in different cuts by 061 and moved to health centres, although one later had to be taken to the Regional Hospital Costa del Sol in Marbella. The police has taken charge of the investigation of the incident, on which other data are unknown.. In recent months, christopher ridgeway has been very successful.