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Quit Smoking

20 October, 2012 (10:10) | General | By:

If you think to stop smoking is hard and never to stop smoking, then no.This is certain. If you think that to stop smoking the easiest way it is a myth, that it would be an error.It is possible.And it is easy.To stop smoking the easiest way is very possible.In fact, you can stop smoking in a short one of three weeks without ills, patches, chewing-gum, tablets, excessive exercise or special diets. Its first challenge is to cause that it thinks that is possible – that there is no a way easy to stop smoking.To smoke does not have to govern its life and to stop smoking does not have why to be difficult or to take long time. You love the best advice to stop smoking? To be made think that it is possible to be stopped smoking.Everything begins with its form to think.I believe that it is possible to be stopped smoking and you will be successful. It is not concentrated in the negative aspects to stop smoking.They are so important she realises because them.On the contrary, they concentrate in the positive aspects to stop smoking.He needs a review? One more a easier breathing? Better food flavor? Clearer complexion? Clothes with fresh scent, house and automobile? More energy? Clearer mind and are other benefits that could not have considered, but that is common between the people who have been successful in stopping smoking. High feeling? Improvement of the self-esteem? To regain the control on its life? To feel happier and, by assumption, are problems more of its no beings loved on its habit to smoke and what it is doing to his health.There are no restrictions with respect to his habit more.You want more advantages to stop smoking? Smaller probability of developing cancer? Smaller possibility of having problems of the heart? Possibility of reducing or of eliminating to develop enfisema If you are still not convinced, considers this.Damage already done can be reverted if it stops smoking now.In the first year of his to stop smoking the easiest way, 50% of the damages will be repaired without mattering how long has been smoking.If you hope, nevertheless, more damage was caused and more difficult it will be for his body to recover.In fact, if you continue smoking you can cause as much damage to his body that is too much behind schedule.Once the cancer has settled down, once the diseases of the heart settle down, that is very difficult to recover.The treatment in himself can be unbearable.And I do not believe that already it is too much behind schedule.You probably are bad, why to continue with its behavior of risk?Convinced? We consider the following thing.If you do not surrender, almost is guaranteed that it is going to develop a potentially mortal disease.It is verified that 90% of lung cancer appear in people who have smoked.And the investigation of today sample that the smoke of second hand, in fact, cause cancer of lung in nonsmokers.You want to put to its family and friendly in risk situation? Also, we considered that after 15 years of not smoking, its risk of cardiac disease descends to the level of the people who never have smoked.