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Psychosomatic Health

20 April, 2014 (05:15) | General | By:

When the body shows the pain of the soul it is high time to take a look inside. Psychosomatic health arises in a climate of trust and confidence. A relaxed attitude to life is an important precondition. If you now want to do something good on the computer for your relaxation, you find a link and opportunity to try out in the article. I wish you a terrific health! “Am I crazy?” many people wonder, after they have received the diagnosis “psychosomatic”. This diagnosis is made when no disorder in the organism can be found despite clearly tangible, often painful, physical complaints.

The term “Psychosomatic” is derived from the Greek and refers to physical (somatic) disorders, which are often triggered by emotional (mental) illness. And difficult many people to believe that, because mental pain are not seeing or rational understanding. Very often even this anguish in the unconscious is Hidden personality share. How? You mean you could say just that? You want proof? You can have. Sure you have ever even a psychosomatic symptom.

You may recall how they felt before a major exam or an interview. Clammy hands? Heart palpitations? Or maybe even stomach pain or diarrhea? Here, what are your thoughts and feelings are capable! With mad – be a psychosomatic illness has ergo nothing to do. On the contrary. The Psychosomatic Medicine is a healthy and completely normal perception and illustrates the connection between body, mind and soul. If there are no physical causes, must be searched just in another place and relieved. To once again consider the physical reaction, which can occur before a test. The examination situation raises certain thoughts and feelings in the individual. There is an interaction between causes of external (test) and internal (thoughts and) Feelings). Will you now change the interaction, it is necessary to recognize the external environment, as well as the internal factors and change. Sounds simple? Actually there to a profound and sustainable change in an appropriate climate of understanding and confidence, that can only occur if the party concerned is willing to accept the change. And right here is a common difficulty. A non-essential part of psychosomatic illness is subjective, is inside, is therefore not externally measurable and is not consciously perceived. Only the symptoms are felt by suffering or pain. The subjective causes, such as fear, shame or guilt are often repressed in the unconscious and hidden. Here is the key point, as from a psychosomatic disease psychosomatic health be achieved: thoughts and feelings can create a disease, it is as well possible healthy in reverse by other thoughts and feelings be. Health needs a healthy climate of trust and confidence. If it is possible to create this climate, although changes in the external circumstances are not (yet) possible, (often very quickly) many physical symptoms and stress dissolve. How this exactly works? To explain this, beyond this scope. Every human being is an individual being with their own needs, desires and concerns and will as such be accepted and perceived. For this reason, effective help can be only individually and personally. A relaxed mood is an important prerequisite for good luck. If you even suffer from psychosomatic stress or may suspect that your pain psychosomatic origin, I am happy with help and advice available. If you want to test this condition right now and on the computer once and try out, I have a link for you: meditation/center.html please, click “Start”, you sit relaxed back and follow my voice.