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Productive Psychological Strategy

4 March, 2013 (00:34) | General | By:

Productive psychological strategy of the XXI century (popular science article) in this journalistic article, I want to outline some popular scientific ideas and practical plans studies, used in the training developed by me as well, the idea underlying the system of psychotherapy, I created that got the author's name – Christian integrative therapy (or shorter – HIT). This system can be used in various fields, as has great creative potential. Can be used theoretical concepts, and can be used practical technique. The latter is important for psychological development of man, the harmonization of its relations with the world, a better understanding of himself, in general, to gain wholeness. I have developed series of training courses is as follows: "Inner Marriage: integration, as a basis for productivity, health and success. " How can you read the title, the basis of the training – the integration of parts of the soul in complete unity. In fact, any training to improve the efficiency of the human psyche, human development, based on the basic theories of psychotherapy and related disciplines. In this regard, it follows immediately take up the question of how well modern psychotherapy knows productivity, and unproductive, mental health and mental illness (not to be confused with mental illness). How is it in the most general thesis to determine the therapy, what are its main characteristics? Here is the definition of this science, this one of the leading contemporary therapists of the world, the President of the All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League, Viktor Makarov, in his book "Healing the new century" (New York: Academic Project, 2001.