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Private Health Insurance

12 September, 2018 (12:48) | General | By:

Advantages and disadvantages of different models for insurance the most citizens in Germany are legally obliged. Only workers with a monthly income amounting to more than EUR 4.125 and self-employed are excluded from the health insurance requirement. These groups can take out private insurance. The finance portal is pros and cons of statutory and private health insurance on the ground. The ideal health insurance must meet several conditions. The posts should be low, the services extensively and the service to be good. Health insurance plans, which offer bonus programs are also popular. The basic services of the statutory insurance essentially include diagnosis, prevention and cure and rehabilitation measures.

The contribution rate is same for all insured persons. Special services such as single rooms in hospitals or chief medical treatments are not included in the catalogues of the statutory health insurance. Also alternative treatments or Similar are not applied as a rule. Private health insurance companies offer plans with varying degrees of performance. The company aimed mainly at profit. The amount of premiums varies according to criteria such as age, the profession, the health condition and the desired services.

There are pre-existing conditions, so the private insurers risk surcharges, performance echelons or performance exclusions reserves. In addition, applicants may be rejected. Rate increases are possible at any time, for the insured person benefit depending on the tariff of alternative treatment methods, chief doctor treatments or refunds for dentures and Visual AIDS. To the statutory health insurance, private supplementary insurance can serve as a valuable complement. These include, for example, foreign health insurance, dental insurance and care insurance.