Phlebotomists are health care workers who are specially trained to take blood.

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7 July, 2016 (18:25) | General | By:

1. Never throw away receipts or statements with personal information about them. Litter is the largest repository of information for the identity thief. Even better, to destroy everything that has identifying information on it (transaction receipts, etc..) 2. Paying for a phone number not on your local telephone directory. 3.

Identification taken as much out of your personal checks and driver’s license as possible. Therefore, no addresses, phone numbers or social security numbers on personal checks. Latest only his surname, first initial instead of your full name. You want a retailer to check identification when is taking a check. Most states now offer a photo ID to all new car drivers licenses. If you do not have one, obtain license renewal now to get a photo ID for identification.

Do not put your social security number on your driver’s license. 4. Check your bank accounts for suspicious activity daily, this can be done online through the Internet. 5. Have your middle initial removed from all public records, if possible. Middle initial help identity thieves hone their search for victims. 6. If someone calls asking for personal information over the phone? not provide any personal information to anyone over the phone. 7. Do not leave your e-mail during the night. If you will be away from home for a period of time: your home mail delivery stopped. If possible, get a locked mailbox at your local post office or a store that sells retail mail services from your mailbox delivery. If you go on vacation, have your mail and newspaper delivery and failed to make arrangements to maintain your yard.