Phlebotomists are health care workers who are specially trained to take blood.

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Preventive Medicine

17 March, 2018 (09:56) | General | By:

Better to prevent than cure such famous that reminds us of the importance of always going one step forward in what our health is concerned, anticipating problematic pictures that compromise our quality of life. However, this phrase is well known but little practised. Much refers to disease, but very few times are taken the necessary measures to prevent them. Preventive medicine, is the branch of medicine which deals with the prevention of diseases. It includes all measures aimed at preventing the onset of the disease (primary prevention), to stop your process (secondary prevention) and to avoid its possible complications. Preventive medicine is not limited to vaccines, as some people might think. If it is true, there are difficult to prevent diseases, there are many that by following some simple and good habits of hygiene and health, can be avoided by either decrease their harmful effects to our life.

Preventive medicine is great theme in which physical therapy plays an important role. In the practice of physiotherapy actions of the physiotherapist always van enrumbadas to avoid long-term complications, preventing inconvenience unnecessary and of course, the hand with the education to the patient, which is the most powerful weapon for preventing illnesses, injuries and any other evil. It is more than important, necessary that we learn to give it the importance that deserves the preventive medicine and the role of physical therapy in her. Our future and the future of our loved ones can see more colorful if we focus today on our body, until a pain we come to remember. And if the disease has already arrived, continues to be good time to worry and deal with in put everything on our side to stop its course or in any case, slow it down. Everything is live with quality today and tomorrow! A few preventative health tips are as follows, attention!: exercise: exercise constantly contributes to preventive health care.

Helps maintain a healthy weight and decreases the risk of diseases, especially cardiovascular type, but also articulate and muscular. Also found that exercise is beneficial for mental health, because it reduces stress and improves self-esteem. Eat! Do not eat to bring something to the mouth. Food is the fuel that our body requires to function well. For this reason, deal with nurture it daily with vitamins, proteins, healthy fats and fiber-filled foods! It is filled with energy and feel a lot better!. Meet with friends. Socializing is a tool to stay cheerful, happy, desestresado and feel accompanied. Do not set aside their amistados, find them and gather for a coffee and chat, comment and discuss about their lives. Periodic medical check-ups: your doctor visit every six months or at least once a year for a checkup. Tests of blood, urine and others will give you reason for how goes your health and what to do to improve it if something leaves bad.