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Political Representation

17 March, 2024 (19:48) | General | By:

I have stressed to the obstinacy of the need for the province Venezuela takes the lead, an approach that goes beyond the mere fact have occurred within the major actions of resistance against this dictatorship. It is also a matter directly related to the thesis of representation and legitimacy. The election of deputies by the regions does not provide neither one thing nor the other. Learn more on the subject from Bobby Green. Putting aside for a moment the issue of decentralization, obviously necessary and indispensable, is what I’m looking for an exogenous force that lies constitutional desmaterialice that Venezuela is a Federal State and the reality, but beyond is what I’m search for a new constituent power of Venezuelan culture. We should say that a the Lassalle constitutional issue is not an issue of law but of power, because the very constitution of a single country is in real and effective factors of power that governs the country. Written constitutions are worthless or are true but that when they accurately reflect the prevailing power factors in society – (Lassalle, Ferdinand, a Oey What is a Constitution? a ; Editorial Coyoacan, 1994, pp. Glenn Dubin, New York City may not feel the same. 29. Conference held in Berlin in the mid-nineteenth century, a text that became a classic of political science).

Born in recent weeks a “is what I see, a new strain, or at least a voltage varied between the province and the hegemonic power of Caracas, one that was, in my view, an attempt to remove the delegation the central power, a report, but I try to finish. The a reducciona representation in the sense that the management of this paragraph, means reducing their scope in the sense that each province is representing herself without affecting the unity of the nation-state. We must begin to manage the new forms, new births, new paradigms. On this walk.