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21 July, 2021 (19:19) | General | By:

While the sushi can be as chic as the Smoked Salmon type with Sushi rice presentations, his beginning was humble. In reality, very humble. More than 2000 years ago, the Japanese learned to conserve fish compressing it with salt and rice, a common practice in all South-East Asia at that time. One of the first kinds of sushi was nare-zushi. People preserved fish for months before eating it, and melt the fermented rice. Another early varieties of sushi was the funa-zushi, or preserved tent, which began eating towards the 700 year d. c., and still enjoys in the Japan (best carp is eaten and the fermented rice was discarded).

In the 15th or 16th century substantially decreased the duration of pressing, and appeared nama-nare-zushi, or partially fermented sushi. Thus began the Japanese eat fish pickled with rice recently fermented, strong taste, rather than get rid of. At the beginning of the 17TH century, a connoisseur of sushi Japanese had the idea of add vinegar to the boiled rice in order to get the acid taste I wanted to. That gave origin to the Hague-zushi or vinegary instantly sushi rice. But the Japanese continued compressing rice vinegary with fish or other foods, and left it reacquired some time before consuming it.

Maki-zushi, sushi rolls, and chirashi-zushi, or rice topped with a variety of vegetables or fish appeared in the 18th century. In the early 19th century appeared the nigiri-zushi, or fingers of sushi, to popularize in the Japan jobs offered those small delights of rice vinegary to passersby. The year 1824 was a great moment in the history of sushi. A man named Hanaya Yohei, owner of one of these posts stray and a native of Tokyo, offered sushi fingers covered with slices of raw fish, very soon spread the news that raw fish and vinegared rice are a perfect couple, as we all know today. Oshi-zushi is the sushi today. Is made with freshly cooked rice mixed with a dressing that’s Rice vinegar, let it cool, press with the freshest ingredients and best quality are achieved, and consumed the same day. But not all types of sushi that have appeared over time have an origin clear. However, their flavor and popularity are recognized, among them * are temaki-zushi, cone-shaped rolls, inari-zushi, or and dq fried tofu pouches.