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2 September, 2013 (05:02) | General | By:

The reasons to renovate a kitchen may be several. Perhaps you plan to sell your property and need to give it a wash face, or because this tired of seeing those old ceramics. Some of the reasons that exist today to reform its cuisine, is that this is no longer only an environment that belongs to the service area but it became an extension of the living room. Set that you want to do: A wash face, a replacement of furniture, or a total reform with changes of place of furniture and plumbing. Countertops: If it is an old counter sometimes should restore them. If you want to change it there are a variety of materials to choose from, of which I always recommend the antibacterial. Furniture: You first have to see in what state is the structure. If it is in good condition you can paint and change the hardware.

If you want to invest a little more you can opt to change the fronts of drawers and doors. Walls and floors: kitchens were previously fully tiled, but this is something that happened in fashion and today is they are only placed in wet areas (on countertops). They can remove all tiles itching all coverings or paint them with special paint filling the joints and thus make tiles disappear. Another alternative is to cover them with straightening microcemento, there are in a variety of colors and is as functional as aesthetic. In the case of the floor is the same, you can choose to lift the existing surface or onto other material. Lighting: Good lighting is essential to achieve an atmosphere where taste be. It should be one general lighting, another for the work area and sectioned on the dining room daily or breakfast. Always remember that if you want a good job and not spend more, call a professional. Original author and source of the article.