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Operator Therapist

22 August, 2012 (09:10) | General | By:

Almost there is no alternative. And thus many begin to cross a way never thought, the robbery. They begin with small familiar thefts, some clothes, utensils of the old man, adduce that they robbed bici to them they sold and it by two currencies; until this stops reaching and the hand begins to put itself more and more complicated. The great ones offer some old iron to them and " trabajito" of test, if it goes to them well has of " buena" and if no, they propose another one to you " laburito" more tranqui, even that they are hooked to such point that will not be able to leave. This modality is the classic one in marginal atmospheres, in permanent growth. There are and them in other scopes of the society, that seemingly have everything and nevertheless something they are needing, here also begin to journey the way of the consumption. In all the cases, the exit is a difficult, safe task in which by own decision they recognize that they do not have alternative and they resort to attention centers. To all it does not stick the consumption in the same way to them, are those that consume while they read a book or those need that it to face an adverse situation, and nevertheless do not fall in the claws of the daily consumption, but of the sporadic use.

But the experience says to me that many of which they enter this world, arriving at limits to lose their freedom, do not have anything of where to take hold itself, they are than single more in his pain. And these are the majority. They grow and they will continue growing, because there is nothing fills his lives, do not have access to share nothing with anybody they marginalize because them, do not have qualification necessary to obtain laburo that it allows them to live well, with expectations, dreams and the possibility of being realised like others, that far from to understand request them that mate. In as much and as soon as, the state forgets to generate a space for all, small and great, the problematic one will follow in believing and there will be no communities that can take care of such difficulties. Still more when some majors manage to establish in the market cheap and lethal drugs like the Alpaca (that manages to pocket more 1300 million to the year) you cheep, them will be in serious problems.

And it will save them to nothing of this instance. Perhaps the adults, we understand this like a problem just concerns that us to all and there, we will begin to find the answers necessary to help them as we never did it. I have been Argentine, been born for 49 years in Black Hill, Olavarra, have two brothers, I am married with three children and I have dedicated part of my life to the Social work. I am Operator Therapist, I have worked with left boys and in therapeutic communities. Co-I have founded homes for boys and NGOs. It gets passionate to me to write, I am not an academic one; but an observer of the reality. Anxious and convinced of being a citizen with desire to do one more a worthier life every day. My Blog:. palitososa. blogspot. com