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Nursing Interventions Classification

22 November, 2013 (18:13) | General | By:

Analysis of the scientific production on the Classification of the Interventions of Enfermagem (NIC) of 1980 the 2004 1 Jeane Rego Barbosa 1 Formanda de Enfermagem of the College San Francisco de Barreiras – FASB. SUMMARY This study objectified to revise the knowledge produced on the Classification of the Interventions of Enfermagem (NIC), available in scientific literature, the period of January of 1980 the January of 2004. The NIC is a taxonomy that includes activities carried through for the nurses. The databases Lilacs, Medline and carried through manual survey in the Center of Classification in Nursing of the University of Iowa – College had been consulted of Nursing, beyond the inclusion of a thesis gotten in particular quantity. The analyzed works mentioned the application of the NIC in the practical one, comparison of languages in informatizados systems and use to it of the NIC in these systems, presentation, construction and development of the taxonomy, validation, among others. One concluded that several are the relative possibilities to production of knowledge on NIC in Brazil and that they are necessary studies on this taxonomy that raise questionings, generate new knowledge and that they contribute in plus this relative aspect to the advance of the Brazilian nursing. Describers: classification; nursing ABSTRACT This study aimed at reviewing the knowledge produced about the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) available in the scientific literature from January 1980 you January 2004.

NIC is taxonomy with activities performed by nurses. Authors searched Lilacs and Medline databases, materials at the Center will be Nursing Classification-University of Iowa College of Nursing and the doctoral dissertation obtained from private library. The works found referred you the application of NIC you the practice, the languages used in information systems, the uses of NIC in these systems and the presentation, construction, development and validation of taxonomy, among others. Authors concluded that there ploughs several possibilities related you the production of knowledge on NIC in Brazil and that it is necessary you encourage studies on this taxonomy, raising questions and generating new knowledge you contribute you the improvement of Brazilian Nursing.