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17 April, 2018 (10:26) | General | By:

1 Bookmarking sites: all have NoIndexNoFollow tags, is a loss of time find links here. 2 Comment on blogs: some have IndexFollow tags but nothing guarantees that the owner changed labels to NoIndex NoFollow when will you win. This has its reason for being, when a blog is successful generates a large number of comments from its users, as we all know by every comment creates a link to the web site of the author, when making comments in large number, say more than 100 comments, the blog PR dissolves or disappears, is for this reason that in the majority of blogs tag NoFollow on comments by default. 3 Participate in forums: the same as in the previous case, one day the webmaster decides to change the labels to NoIndex NoFollow and link quality will be lost. 4 Social Sites: All have NoIndex NoFollow, this means that these sites will be socializing not to promote our website. It is clear that I am speaking of optimization through links from quality and not to carry visits to its website through these sites, all of these sites may generate direct visits to its web site, the only problem is that you must be a member with much activity to carry their friends to your web and this take much time and effort to achieve itThere is no guarantee that these visits will continue flowing once you let participate in these sites (for example, in forums). On the other hand l os links quality carried you your web site visits for many years thanks to the optimization achieved by them and this virtually effortless, only rough place your link in the right place, these site where the links always will be labeled Index Follow.

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