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Never More

8 April, 2023 (22:26) | General | By:

This is a well imperative order. But it only functions in the heart of that they know what it is to be alone in one instant of misfortune. At many moments I was in one I sing alone, crying, with will to cry out for somebody and wise person whom nobody did not have, absolutely nobody to help pr me. As in a magician pass, it came inside of of my chest a force, an courage, a giant breath that me seemed to catapultear for top and far. The times had not been few that happened. To each time that this succeeded, lamuriar finding instead of me that it was most unhappy of the creatures, it discovered how much she was fortified. I learned that the dark one, the cold, pain and the tears are reserved to that they can find endorsement for its shouts. The child grew and discovered that the fear is the enemy greater of the faith, the confidence and the success.

With this I can affirm categorically that the fear has fear of the forts, of the determined ones, the good ones and adds searching other hiddings place where if it feels so great how much to the smallness that it is proper. The human beings had learned to castrate I have Of it fear. Fear of that! Eia, the fear is weak, small, insignificant. It advances using its imensurvel force and never more it says that it has fear and that in function of this it atrophied its dreams, it killed ideal or it emotionally assassinated as much people.