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3 March, 2014 (13:21) | General | By:

. She is a child of 11 years of age attends a course the fifth year of Basic Ensino in a school of the south zone of So Paulo in its room has 36 said children normal. The great complaint, this as Weis (2008) are not a phrase said in the first contact and must be listened to throughout the disgnostic sessions, were delay in the Neuropsicomotor development. Soon after, the fiche to be delivers me marked an initial interview with the parents. For Chamat (2004) the interview initial, is the first contact between the therapist and the familiar ones, in which the presented complaint is listened to. this listening has beginning at the moment where the interview is marked.

The mother counted to me that she is separate of the two father and. has brother a boy of 8 years on the part of father and mother and a girl of 3 years, only on the part of mother. To make the diagnosis we use projetivos tests, directed and free dialogues, soundings of the reading, interpretation and writing, sounding of the motor coordination, sounding of the capacity memory-appearance and multicriteria analysis of the behavior. After such interview the patient arrived at the livened up super CAPp. It perceived that this has difficulty in speaks to the times omitted some letters and great difficulty to enxergar.

I presented myself, and I explained the reason it was in the CAPp. We start the session with a LYNX. I perceived that its memory well is preserved, however its visual perception is not so good thus. I applied the drawing of the family, something called me much attention. The personages they did not have bodies and all were painted of the same color. It developed some activities of visual perception, and an activity of writing. I observed it the moment all thus to try to start to understand if such guiding with the complaint could close a diagnosis.