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Netherlands Drug Legislation

9 January, 2022 (07:11) | General | By:

/ J. Nazaraliyev "Deliver and forgive," Chapter 5, page 96 / Here, a different attitude toward hemp Drugs. Proponents of legalization, leading the debate in the world, attracting the arguments of political, economic, financial, criminal, and others, finally save up irrefutable, they think the argument: Dutch experience. In Amsterdam, a huge number of coffee shops, where all those who wish the menu with a list of marijuana and hashish: Thai, Afghan, Colombian, Jamaican, and more. Please visit Aflac if you seek more information. etc. But there are limitations in coffee shops are prohibited from selling alcohol and hard drugs, as well as sell in one hand for more than five grams. Today in the Netherlands with a population of 15 million sale of 1,200 seats open hemp drugs.

The novelty of the Netherlands' drug legislation discovered in the late seventies, when authorities held the line between drugs "heavy" and "light." The latter carried the substance of cannabis. Critics accuse the Dutch of the increasing number of people, especially young smokers marijuana, and point to soft drugs as a stage of transition to a highly potent. The Dutch has its reasons: marijuana smokers suffer from physiological effects (increased heart rate, increased heart rate, violation of motor function, decreased psychomotor activity, etc.), but physical dependence on cannabis are rare, smokers do not find persistent withdrawal. United States, unlike the Netherlands, is a country where any narcotics to apply "the policy of zero tolerance." However, in New York, there are several clinics for the treatment of opiate dependence with methadone. This drug is banned in Russia, in several countries in Asia and Africa. In Moscow and other cities, methadone can be bought "on the black market." For many it is just a new synthetic opiate, which promises to approximately the same feeling as the other substances. American drug experts, most of them from the 60s. insist on the benefits of methadone as a weaker drug capable discourage patients from opiate addiction to the strong material.

It is weaker than heroin, it prevents withdrawal symptoms at the same time relieves the craving for hard drugs, etc. / J. Nazaraliyev "Deliver and forgive", Chapter 7, p. 158-159 / debate on legalization of soft drugs are still in both the U.S. and in Russia. But to agree very difficult. Too many arguments against it. It is therefore difficult to predict, as a society, the government of a state will treat the matter in a couple of decades.