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Natural Ingredients

22 September, 2017 (18:48) | General | By:

We have also come to understand that when you inhale the aroma of essential molecules, our brains release neuropeptides that can have effects on mood alteration. Essential oils also have such fine molecular structures, which when mixed with massage oils that can penetrate easily into the skin. Thus in an aromatherapy treatment, essential oils are able to improve both their physical and psychological well being, at the same time. They are oxygenating and help transport nutrients to the cells of our body. Without oxygen, nutrients can not be equated, therefore, the oxygenating essential oils can help us to maintain our health. Other natural ingredients like honey, considered the super food of the cells, tissues and organs with many vitamins such as vitamin "K" and "H", beta carotene and folic acid, moisturizes value when applied to the skin. Then there is carrot seed oil, especially beneficial for dry skin, mature-types and can help restore elasticity to the skin and therefore may reduce wrinkles. Hemp seed oil is very close to our skin oil as the fatty acid structure and is easily absorbed through the skin.

The list of benefits in natural ingredients can follow and follow. Now, again consider the list of chemicals in lotions, creams, shampoos and others we give to our skin every day. It's a new car, Bob! There are a lot of hype behind natural. However, this growing industry is young, is working hard to move towards a standard of what seraconsiderada as "natural." Take for example the removal of a component of the plant almost always requires a process that is synthetic, then it should not green tea extract are considered natural? But perhaps the real reason the field of chemistry is so annoying is that its consumption is becoming education, ask questions and now have the freedom of choice! Or maybe he's upset because the natural industry believes in full disclosure in our products. Or maybe, just maybe after having experienced the feeling of these vital plant substances on the face, you may find it difficult to return to synthetic. Cecilia Ponzi loves products skin care! Therefore, it is no surprise that she co-created to be "The Place" was difficult to find 100% natural, quality, holistic skin care products for health. is a resource for both consumers and retailers and spa centers that seem to offer the signature and skin care products quality. Facial care products for all skin types, anti-wrinkle products as well!