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National State

17 February, 2022 (04:41) | General | By:

From now on two chains if had formed: of that they saw in the man the representative of the absolute one in conduction of the process and to another one, of that they saw the nature with this function. It is for absolute that if of the first the rupture in the field of the ideas, that is the idea brought for the Christian vision of world, of the equality of all the men before God. Before the Christ coming the men they were divided. Darc walks for the dualidade proposal for Hegel. Hegel as the philosopher presents that the historical evolution results of the solution of the tension between the opposites, if of the one of sudden form. Disappearing the opposites, it disappeared, in the vision of the philosopher, the tension. It could, then, to be the conclusion, of who is working under the hegeliana optics, when dealing with to the dualidade center and periphery, or the dualidade barbarity and culture, that would exist solutions in the tension between these opposites. To if dealing with these dualidades the two parts they are multiple, what it guarantees the permanent tension and, consequently, immortality of history.

Made synthesis, placed antithesis. New center, new periphery. New culture, new barbarity. We can conclude that the civilizatrio process, nominated ‘ ‘ theory of retardo’ ‘ , it can thus be summarized: all periphery searchs the center and all the barbarity searchs the culture. The center exerts on the periphery two papers: of repulsor and of articulador. It can be said that the central point of all its line of thought was based on a trilogy, called of dialectic. This idea was based on the following elements: thesis or affirmation, antithesis or negation and synthesis or negation of the negation. Explaining a little better this hegeliana dialectic, can be said that in the thesis something is affirmed and that the antithesis is the negation of what it are affirmed before.

The tension between these two moments finds its conciliation in the synthesis, that is, in the negation of the negation. In accordance with the complex seen questions will be processed in the scope of the National State. Simplifying, the periphery dreams and when dreaming it leads the civilization process and the historical evolution results the solution of tension between the opposites. The Modern State, in the hegeliana philosophy proposal for Darc Coast, is the maximum manifestation of the Objective Spirit, where it explains using a national project. a national project is the result of the joint between ways and ends, that the national politics conjugates, the national strategy and the national power in a strategical planning.