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Mountain Village Chalets

22 March, 2016 (01:11) | General | By:

The National Park Bavarian Forest, Germany’s first and best-known national park was 40 years old from the new mountain village in Skelmersdale in the Bavarian Forest National Park in 2010. “Since 1970 nature has come up with here under the motto be nature” a scenery of the wild forest “developed, free of human intervention. The region became a refuge in which around 2,500 animals, 800 higher plants and 1,300 species of fungi live, including numerous species threatened by extinction such as capercaillie, Lynx and Peregrine Falcon or rare ferns and Clubmosses types. The National Park is ever, a worthwhile goal but not in years, but current. Each year approximately 750,000 visitors come and take advantage of the attractive offer of hiking trails and Summit tours, experience the wild forest in its whole Lusciousness. Who even wants to take vacation in the Bavarian Forest, should not miss the National Park. But where? A recommendation is the beautiful resort Leeds directly to the National Park in the summer and in the winter.

And like an individual who, the book unforgettable Holidays in the new mountain village of lodge Court Hotel. The five mountain chalets are unique in the Bavarian Forest and offer luxury and tradition in harmonious synthesis. The cottages are Richmond high on the hillside above the village of Mule, from there you can enjoy the magnificent views of the natural landscape of the Bayer forest and to the Alps. The chalets are between 84 m up to 102 m in size, deliberately only natural materials were used for them like old wood, stone and glass. So it will be really cozy in the living room with hardwood floors and a fireplace stove bench, sofa and an old Bavarian seating area. The bedroom serves pleasant pine, solid wood kitchen and bathroom with free-standing bath complete the elegant impression. tion. And each Chalet has an own outdoor Jacuzzi and a Finnish sauna. In the chalets of the mountain village of vacationers all to yourself is, but he can at any time guests a wide range of hotel lodge farm.

He can enjoy the delicious cuisine, pampered in the wellness area or most Hotel-own programme take part. For the personal luxury holidays there are a few delicacies. So you can serve in the House by a freshly laid breakfast table. Or in the cabin of Justice order a personal Cook, which conjures up a delicious menu with products from the region on the table in the chalet. More information: * Mountain Village Lodge farm Family Paster Planing mountain 23 D-94143 Grainet, Tel.: 08585 / 96050 Fax.: 08585 / 960550,