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Mood Affects

24 March, 2013 (13:10) | General | By:

We can say that our State of mind is directly linked with our surroundings and events happening in him. So, when our everything about flows in a positive way, we see in general things under a prism of optimism, so our State of mind is also seen influenced by this situation. But the reality that we live in today is very different. On an ongoing basis the media bombard us with messages of pessimism, where the word crisis is the main protagonist. On the street any conversation has mostly as its main theme the crisis and its consequences. We cannot close our eyes and recognize that it is a no-brainer that we face a time of global crisis, which have been suffering from several years ago and which surely many countries take to exit.

On a personal level many people live this crisis situation in their daily lives. Every day we see as the percentage of people who are in a situation of unemployment grows significantly. To all this, we must add that working conditions worsen considerably, either by a descent wage, by an increase in working hours or the loss of different social benefits that some workers could enjoy in their companies, among other factors that we can consider. All these changes entail a significant loss of the status of well-being to which many of us we had accustomed today and in many cases for which our fathers fought. You must also add that many families see their situation aggravated when the majority of members are in a situation of unemployment. Our young people also come as all their efforts and years of study are pending that any businessman wants to give them an opportunity to work for a salary far below their academic qualifications. When we live and we face on an ongoing basis to a situation of pessimism as this, we can arrive at both physical disorders psychological as very important.