Phlebotomists are health care workers who are specially trained to take blood.

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Martin Engineering GmbH

21 March, 2019 (21:49) | General | By:

High security and greater freedom through modern technologies Mr. Meier is 87 years old and finds his family, which is killed his wife who is dead for more than 10 years and his brother in the war. Mr. Meier has forgotten unfortunately both have died, because Mr. Meier is demented. His short-term memory is no longer really works but he remembers in the past very well, so he’s making himself sometimes in the search.

Earlier you would have to lock up Mr Meier that he would run away, had this responsibility are entering danger, nobody could wear. He had spent most of his time in a room or maybe you should let him also in the hallway for a walk. And he would have time to fresh air, if a sister would have shot a round in the garden with him. It broke the caregivers often heart, to imprison these dear people and also members felt very unwell at the thought. After all, they had to have officially the patients.

This type of care would never have otherwise been allowed. Luckily by Mr Meier, modern medicine has developed that allows him more freedom and confined not only to a room and the hallway. He can go for a walk in the whole building, may sit on the balcony in the Sun, can easily move, like all the others also. He is not always accompanied by someone who is often completely alien to him, feels no longer verflogt. Some call this achievement as a deprivation of liberty, Mr. Meier freedom acquisition they would probably”call. The Martin Engineering GmbH has developed an innovative Dementenschutzsystem with the name “Raphael”, but it is only a great watch for Mr Meier. Most of the time he is unaware that he wears it, in between he proudly shows them around because she like him. It is a transmitter of the electronic restraint”is called, it sets off an alarm when approaching Mr. Meier of the exit door. In the sister’s room and other rooms a chime will sound and the Phone is an automatic announcement that a patient is trying to leave the building. It makes immediately, you can move the patient with gentle words to reverse the nursing staff. Fascinating that is significantly reduced Mr of my as well as other patients their escape attempts have, since they may move as freely, nor is however not exactly clear why this is the case. It has led but that some patients must wear a bracelet long and always still in the House may move freely she. It obviously also Mr Meier since, he is much more relaxed, no longer jerky on doors or running nervously up and down the hallway. Despite his unfortunate illness, he leads a relatively free and happy life. This new technique is certainly no deprivation of liberty, because that would be the opposite, according to justice namely the patient get back and lock, if he wants to run but just a little around the House.