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Marble and Granite

7 December, 2013 (08:36) | General | By:

Magnificent marble and granite – the raw material, has long been a massively dominant position among the other natural stone. Marble and granite make a note of elegance, grandeur and style of the special atmosphere in the interior. Foregoing really relates only to the well-packed granite and marble slabs, and of course to quality raw materials. The most important technological aspect of the surface veneer is to prepare the grounds for laying stone slabs, if everything is done correctly, the smooth granite and marble surfaces will look elegant, and will serve you for many many years. Word of marble and granite have appeared in our language as derivatives of Latin granum – grain and marmaros, that means "shining stone". At different times the marble and granite found their place to be, how many splendid monuments of antiquity survived till our days, and what luxury interiors are embodied in our day by designers and architects, with all the same, familiar marble and granite. Natural stones are granite and marble are renowned for their durability, which is why they are often used in the creation of monuments, columns, spread the floors and walls. Due to its practical qualities and diversity of structure granite is popular nowadays.

Obedient granite can be easily ground and polished, long keeps shine poverhnosti. palette of granite rich enough. Most often it is different shades of gray, bluish-green, pink, orange, luxurious red granite, darker colors, and rare blue and purple hues. Shiny stone marble polished another better than the granites, in this connection, used extensively by sculptors from ancient times. Marble is very beautiful, have a huge palette of colors, various structures, it is used not only for facing external and internal parts of the premises, but also for fireplaces, and other products. Bright stone marble inherent white, gray, colored, mottled, dark and black stains.

Of marble depends on the mood of the palette design and interior: elegant, extravagant, antique, modern and so on. Marble fun playing all the colors of the rainbow, reflecting the warm glow in your room. Granite and marble decorate every house where they were somehow applied, creating a unique classic, elegant, playful, warm, cold interery.Raznoobrazie marble and granite products will decorate your house luxuriously on your taste: countertops made of marble and granite, marble steps, windowsills granite and marble, and more. Polishing and grinding emphasizes the natural beauty of stone. Buchardirovanie gives the material a very useful non-skid strips. Popular today "antique" – for connoisseurs interior in antique style, this aging effect is achieved through special technology by mechanical or chemical effects on the rock. For the exterior premises of raw granite and marble is better simply not to find they combine so rarely combine the qualities: reliability, durability and luxurious beauty. You can trust the experience of skilled architects, or the same plan something special, time-tested trust in granite and marble and create something special in architectural terms, their real strength, enduring and untouchable from the outside, and simply luxurious inside. Thoroughly and carefully take care of natural stone and regularly clean, use only high-quality and specialized tools for the protection of marble and granite, and in gratitude he had long and faithfully serve you, will delight the eye with its brilliance.