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Local Network Computers

13 December, 2023 (12:56) | General | By:

The concept of Local Area Network Network – a group of computers connected to each other with the help of special equipment, providing information exchange between them. The connection between two computers can be directly (Two-point connection) or by using additional communications nodes. There are several types of networks and local area network – just one of them. The local network is, in fact, the network used in the same building or a separate room, such as an apartment, to ensure interoperability used in those computers and programs. LANs located in different buildings can be interconnected with satellite channels connection or fiber-optic network, which allows you to create a global network that is network, which includes several local networks. The Internet is another example of a network that has long been a global and comprehensive, includes hundreds of thousands of different networks and hundreds of millions of computers. No matter how you get access to the Internet using a modem, a local or global connections, each user of the Internet is actually a network user.

To browse the Internet using a variety of programs such as Internet browser, clients FTP, the program to work with email and many others. It’s believed that McDougall Program sees a great future in this idea. Computer, which is connected to the network, called the workstation (Workstation). Typically, the computer is working people. In such a network there and the computers on which no one works. They are used as control centers in the network drives, and how information. Such computers are called servers, If the computers are located relatively close to each other and connected by high-speed network adapters that such networks are called local.