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Learn How To Create An RSS Feed

20 February, 2014 (04:24) | General | By:

Creating an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is really a simple process. RSS is a lightweight design that XML is really easy to configure and implement. It is a great way to spend the important updates, send your articles or news, or send your favorite links site! RSS Feeds can be installed in a very short time, literally minutes! In short, an RSS feed is basically a text file with a few HTML tags future. There is an area with information about food, then individual blocks of code for each item or piece of content being syndicated. It may sound bad now, but I assure you it is very easy to set and will give you a complete working example at the end of this article! The first thing to do is create a file that you want to call your RSS feed.

It can be anything, the name is not important. For this article I will call "cool_feed.xml" All the code is placed inside the cool_feed.xml "File." This file is the first file to be used, in fact, apart from a slight modification to other pages on your site, you can use this file only for sending updates feed. The previous block of code as you can see is very similar to HTML, all you're doing is telling people the version of XML you use, and the version of RSS that fit, as you can see that this is XML RSS v1.0 and v0.91. The next thing we have to do is set your "channel", which is the name of their diet, and a description. Apart from the description that provides contact information, language and publish the website. Your Website Title What is your RSS Feed on? en-us Copyright The Line As I mentioned several times before, is similar to HTML, and which has an opening and closing the block after each parameter.

But it may also have noticed that there is a locking block for the channel. That is because it is a kind of equivalent of the "block test" HTML, it will be in close near the end. In fact, we opened the RSS block in the first block of code that I gave you too, when we set the version, which is the equivalent of the HTML block and will be the last closed at the end of the XML file. Rule Number One Article_Number_One.html 1-3 sentences about your article This article is block his first article, each time you want to add an update that just create another block element like this. He just has an article title, link to where the article on its website and a description field, which is usually 1-3 sentences long. These are the final closing blocks of code to the channel and blocks of RSS that you configure in the top of the file. You must have these blocks of code at the end, in that order. I'll give a couple of links to websites that can check your code to ensure proper operation. Once you have saved all that code in the file, the next thing we to do is modify your website. This set is not required by any means, but it is said that users of web browsers have an RSS feed, if your browser supports viewing. All you have to do is add the following line in the HEAD area of your web page: Congratulations, you are the proud owner of a new RSS feed! Ken Dennis