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Kids Quilted Mattress

27 November, 2011 (08:14) | General | By:

Sleeping on mattresses such anymore. Mattresses from recovered fiber quality can not be compared with real cotton. Filling these quilted mattress – it is 100% cotton. Produce cotton mattresses in automatic, semiautomatic and manual modes. Mattresses manufactured in manual mode, are very expensive and only made to order. Mattresses manufactured on semi-automatic machines require partial use of manual labor. In automatic mode, mattresses produced in large sewing plants where the volume of finished products is very high. Mattresses made of different sizes – from tiny to huge baby.

The largest mattress sizes are 250×250 cm, for public institutions (hospitals, motels, hotels) are made single and polutorospalnye mattresses. Double mattresses are made for private domestic use. Cotton mattresses are widely used in various children's institutions – kindergartens, hospitals, sanatoriums, holiday camps, residential schools. The reason is that cotton mattresses provide the correct posture for children, as well as a healthy spine. Cotton mattresses are thick flat structure, not deformed during the sleep of the child and allow him to lie flat. That is why the Ministry of Health was approved by the obligatory presence of a cotton mattress included in the production of cribs. Modern manufacturers of children's cotton mattresses account for all the age categories of children. Cotton mattresses for babies are made in compliance with all the quality characteristics of the product.

Top cover is made of mattresses bright cotton fabrics with the obligatory presence of an additional cover. Children's mattresses filled with cotton 100% cotton recycled. Kids Quilted Mattress allows baby to maintain an even body position in even in his sleep when he turns from side to side. Due to the density and elasticity of a cotton mattress, strengthens the spine of the child. Only cotton mattresses provide the correct position of the infant during sleep, and means the child will always be a dream calm, healthy and comfortable.