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Interior Design, Silk Painting And Stencils ,

12 September, 2013 (18:47) | General | By:

Stencil and stencil art. The story of the stencil and screen painting is deeply rooted in our history. A personality and beauty of screen painting, it is a great alternative to the modern replication and mass in the interior. As in all times and stencils are used today to decorate the walls, ceilings and ceiling rosettes, ceiling, furniture, dishes, pillows and floors. Stencil – a special technique of drawing on the wall. Image pre-cut from a sheet of dense material (paper, cardboard or plastic), then the resulting stencil is applied to the wall and put on his coat of paint.

Dye hit a wall only in those places where they were cut from a sheet of forming a pattern. The history of screen painting has not a single century, although there were moments when, about this art was forgotten, or vice versa erected in a number of high art. At this point we can safely say that the forgotten art of screen painting is now gaining popularity and gaining a place in modern decor throughout the world. There are many techniques drawing paintings, many different materials for decoration, different paints, pastes, plasters due to which it is easy to achieve various effects. About all the possibilities, you can learn>> about the different types: Single stencil – made from a special, self-adhesive Arakan. Allows you to make a stencil of all sizes, mainly used for coloring large areas.

Adhesive agent Arakan easily attached to any surface and is easily removed without damaging the painted surface. For repeated use – made with polymer film, paper, plastic, allows using a single stencil and cause duplicate the necessary number of images (borders, ornaments, wallpaper …). For high-quality application is recommended to use spray adhesive, with which it is easy to mount the stencil on the painted surface. For fast Application – To produce such a thick plastic stencil is used. Basically, these templates are used for fast application images that do not require high quality. Choose the style you want, ornament, color, and safely handle the job. Using a stencil painting in the interior, you will add sophistication and originality of the premises, as well as for hundreds of years have been furnished beautiful houses masterpieces of past centuries. Details of the stencils can find out>>