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Intensive Therapy

26 July, 2016 (14:48) | General | By:

We mainly carry through more meetings, that always were initiated with mine to seem in relation to the growth in the work of the team, and emphasizing the importance that each professional has in relation the patient. With to pass of the time, was being more easy the communication enters all of the team, exactly directed the supervision of Nursing as well as the o work of the same one. In some meetings I ahead saw, me of impediments as to have that to calm the spirits of the professionals a time that they directed ones to the others to express its opinions, that many times were not well accepted for the colleagues. In way to intervine so that it was not if to become a desmotivador factor of the employee, it informed that moment was the moment of each one to describe its difficulties and its vises in the work environment, and that such situation would be learning source. To learn to be heard and mainly to hear. When conflicting situations between the two or most professional ones occurred, after looked the ending of the meetings, to talk individually with each employee and to display my vision before the facts. Position this that provided a moment to me of correction of attitudes without the necessity to display the employee.

Fact this that relieved ' ' good frutos' '. Finally, after one period of execution of this strategy, I could observe clearly a great advance in the development of the work of the nursing team. An expressive improvement in the envolvement of each professional in relation to the care to the patient, not only what one meets to its direct care and yes to all interned ones in the UTI. I also observed an improvement in the interpersonal interaction. finally, I noticed an approach enters the professional nurse with the nursing team, where well-known I could feel a shelter and a mutual respect that much was desired by all.

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