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Impacts of the Tsunami

18 January, 2014 (19:26) | General | By:

They think about the tsunami and Katrina, and it is very difficult for people not to feel overwhelmed by the large range of planetary motions and fractal time. For how can people hope? Gregg Braden: On my website, you will find a link to the Global Coherence Initiative. When you click on that link, you can learn about the science-based initiative that allows each one of us to learn a way being really influences the fields of the Earth. In other words, you can learn how to have a positive impact on what results from this time in history. This project deals with our relationship with Earth through a life based in the heart. Question: What is a life based in the heart? Gregg Braden: A few years ago, our own science has made radical and revolutionary discovery that changes everything in relation to the way we think of ourselves and the world.

What they found is that when we create emotions based in the heart, such as gratitude, appreciation, care, literally, using the heart muscle to create these emotions-what we are really doing is generating a magnetic field within our bodies is part of the Earth's magnetic field that is experiencing change. The Earth's magnetic field rises, falls and regulates everything from the climate, ice sheets and sea levels. This magnetic field connects all life on Earth from a blade of grass to an ant, a carp or goldfish, a hamster, to us. When many of us got together and created a common emotion, the experience is called a coherencia.a The a Coherenciaa can actually be measured.