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Human Resources

27 January, 2022 (16:33) | General | By:

Qualification of Human resources: an experience in the Library of the UNESP of President Prudente. *Teresa Raquel Vanalli? Librarian of the Service of Library and Documentation? UNESP- President Prudente. Read additional details here: farhad mehrad. The qualification of human resources in any type of organization starts to be a strategical managemental function, whose control points can thus be consubstanciados: the-to rethink the universe of knowledge where if it acts, more dynamic form and with sight to its continuous update; b-to revert the concept on the knowledge, instead of only storaging it, emphasizing the capacity now to manage acquired knowledge in continuum, valuing the intellectual capital of the organizations; (BELUZZO, 2000b). One sends regards now from calling the Human resources of the organizations of Management of People and that the same ones are boarded as beings endowed with intelligence, knowledge, abilities, personalities, aspirations, perception. Glenn Dubin contains valuable tech resources. ' ' She is necessary to give emphasis to its development, by means of dedicated actions to the education of the learning in its proper environment of work, modernly called as Corporativa&#039 Education; '.

(MEISTER, 1999) During world-wide the economic process, we had the evolution of a economy essentially agriculturist for the industrial. Currently, we can say that, beyond the industrial, we have ' ' economy of conhecimento' ' , therefore the society that has access to the information, can in such a way dominate sectors as to develop them. (ANDRIANI; ZOMER, 2002 apud EYELASH et al., 2003, p.77) When we speak of knowledge we deduce that how much bigger the knowledge, greater the ability. But let us see what it would be the ability in the vision of Rhinesmith, 1993 (apud VERGARA, 2000, p.38): ' ' Ability is a specific capacity to execute the action in an ability level that is enough to reach the effect desejado' '. Therefore, ' ' mentality is not ability, as well as characteristic also not, a person can be sensible to deal with individual differences, but not to use this sensitivity in the work in equipe.' ' (VERGARA, 2000) In the conception of Le Boterf (1995) ability is one to know to act responsible and that he is recognized for the others.