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Human Nature

6 July, 2013 (00:38) | General | By:

For such is human nature to analyze the situation and the weighted decisions. If the analysis of handwriting you find periodic or haphazard changes in the slope of handwriting, it can indicate low psychological stability of people, a sharp change in his mood. Likely volatility and meticulously to detail. Sometimes a periodic change of slope of handwriting may be indicative of some hesitation that person. Handwriting without tilting the letters indicates that humans are the principal considerations that are fundamentally different from the opinions of others. The slope of the letters to the right says about diligence, to the left – of negativism, and the inclination to resist. Pressing the letter in today's conditions, when there was a huge variety of writing tools (pens (ink, ball, drop, gel), pencils, markers, etc.), it is difficult to diagnose pressure analyzed the letter. At the same time, if the opportunity is still there, it should not be missed.

About what can tell the pressure of handwriting? Strong pressure with a high probability talking about energy, perseverance and good performance, striving always to do something themselves, including physical activity. This is mainly a sociable man, he loves the work related to human contact. He strives to meet the material side of life. Failure is trying to overcome, but not "fixate" on them. Light, surface pressure. A man with such a hand is thin and sensitive nature. This is more introverted (people concentrated on the phenomena of the inner world). The critical mind and high self-control allow him to cope with the tasks of great importance.