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Hot Stone Massages

30 July, 2016 (14:41) | General | By:

Particularly effective due to the heat treatment massages are available for relaxation, well-being and relief of many complaints. You can be helpful in stomach and back pain as well as in sleep disorders. A special position occupies massage hot stone here. It is a full body massage, which can make the physical and mental balance and activate the body’s own energy sources. The hot stone massage is particularly relaxing before of the actual massage lays the hot stones along the energy lines (meridians) or directly on the energy points (chakras) of the body. You then give off their heat in deeper tissues and muscles and loosen it. The subsequent massage with or without hot stones becomes much more effective. This type of thermotherapy is a major difference to traditional massages and hot stones is so popular.

To complete the holistic experience, complemented the massage with individually chosen essential oils. An ancient tradition of many cultures is continued before Hot stone and other methods of heat treatment (E.g. herbal stamp massage) in China were detected thousands of years applied, however, in the Pacific and American space. In Germany often bring this treatment with Indian shamanism in conjunction. Actually she has evolved independently on all continents – in Asia even before the settlement of the Polynesian countries. The secret of the volcanoes are hot stones of volcanic origin and are made of black basalt.

Stones of varying sizes in a water bath at 55 c. are heated for the massage. As hardly a different rock, basalt can save much heat and evenly emit over a longer period of time. As a rule of thumb: the darker the rock, the better the quality. However you should take against counterfeiting in eight. TrendShed offers high-quality massage products on for commercial and private persons. As a reliable partner, the company works equally with hotels, Wellness Studio and therapist together. Beginners can learn the basics of massage just with the help of the training videos.