Phlebotomists are health care workers who are specially trained to take blood.

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Healthy Food

27 May, 2014 (04:33) | General | By:

News from the novo test morning cereal, lunch steak with salad and vegetable soup in the evening, the sounds of health, vitality, power and energy to. But this is not true at all. Why? The novo test by Immogenics revealed that. “If two do the same thing, which is not yet long the same”, is a well known saying applies also to the food intake. Cereal is actually generally recognized as healthy food and yet it does not entail a number of people the hoped-for effect. Often it happens especially with people who pay attention to their diet, such as for example professional athletes, that sudden reduction in performance despite supposedly healthy diet or fatigue, headache and weight gain occur. Immune reactions may be reason, caused by individual food intolerances. Already mid-1990s recognized biochemist and physician in the United Kingdom this phenomenon and launched a multi-year study.

The blood of many students and other volunteers with the above complaints was tested and found in all subjects of inflammation and Messenger chemicals in the blood which were known until then only for serious diseases, which however did not have these subjects. Based on this research, the novo test was developed by the company of Immogenics. This is not a test for allergic reactions and Immune Globulins and there is also no test to determine whether you can be away more fat or carbohydrates, but there is an analysis of nonspecific immune cells whether they react with distribution of above mentioned neurotransmitters, if a food product as incompatible is classified. The human immune system can often do not distinguish between good and evil and confused so often harmless food with disease-causing agents. The reason for this is only partially digested food particles that enter through the intestinal barrier in the blood vessels. These are for the immune cells as harmless”to recognize and be of the immune system fights.