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Heal Itself

3 June, 2014 (20:40) | General | By:

How creative techniques can help the self-healing to enable people have conflicts with yourself and others every now and then. To get the own inner workings on the track and to find out where they are, what they need and how they feel, creative activities can be very helpful. Whether through write, speak, sing, or paint – if the inner space is given to expressing yourself, personality shares can be visible and serve the self reflection. There is also the possibility both to document the Status Quo of the inner state of mind than to go in the vision, i.e. to make the desirable State. True to the motto: where am I now and where do I want to? “may cause images and texts, which contribute to a positive orientation of the own thoughts and feelings. They are important especially for the mental adjustment. Who wants to evolve and healing”would learn from injuries and insults can this process by the Positive support use of creative methods.

So brought inner images on paper, providing an orientation towards the desirable State. About the images produced emotions that motivate people in their lives to change, they feel more comfortable and happier. A sense of satisfaction, which stimulates the person to accept the situation, as it is already resulting in the expression of the inner state of mind. The idea: So it should look in me out “potential free deployable, that make possible a reorientation. For many years, there is experience in the field of painting expression, which are effective in similar direction. People relieve stress, to come, feel in themselves into it. The soul can be expressed. And thus begins a part of self healing.

Note that it is not about a particularly artistic image “to paint, but to put it simply, what is present in the person. The choice of colors is already drawing conclusions to what is just topic. Dark colors appear more pessimistic while colorful and bright colors are vivacious and vital. It is recommended only to interpret the works and to write down these thoughts and associations. So improved the relationship with yourself, because the man himself looks and very intimate with a process goes in, making contact with the own soul. Everything should be and nothing must. To provide the space, the person needs is the first step to self acceptance and self love. So understanding can arise and care for their own mental well-being.