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Hanging Mirrors

10 August, 2016 (04:41) | General | By:

Mirror – it subject without whose we never dispense. He honestly and without flattery suggests how we look. People knew little currently unless would mirrors. Querying information its image we often forget that besides reflective mirrors have more features and other features and functions. Those who solve the riddle of the interaction of mirrors with the space at home, will be able to successfully transform the interior rooms. Only need to choose the right size, format, frame mirror, and a place to host it.

Must be placed a mirror in the bathroom, where after a dream we are trying to put himself in order: wash and brush your teeth. It is important that it was easy: elongated vertically and had the opportunity to be regulated. Conveniently, if the mirror is attached to the second mirror that will reflect in the first view from the back. In the corridor, lobby, hallway mirror should be hung at the entrance door to the care you can always look over yourself from head to toe and to correct hairstyle. Mirrors, as well as any glass, extend the space. This is especially important if a small hallway. In the narrow corridors of mirrors should be placed on the long wall.

And the best of the two, decorating their backlight – so create the effect of a set of mirrors and wall "apart." Not only mirror but also glass furniture can make a space in your apartment an elegant, easy and delicious. Correctly chosen for framing mirrors accentuate the overall style of the interior. Mirror in a metal frame blends well with a metal frame fixtures. Interesting combination of sea surface with a glass frame "Warm" wood. Gilded Frames gives monumentality, which is so characteristic of the palace style. When you select a baguette frame should be considered rugs, prints, panorama, pictures, wallpaper and furniture. There are rooms that are designated general, where friends and relatives gather for the holidays. Mirror in such a room is not needed. Not accepted examine himself, comb, correct makeup in front of the guests. However, the reflection of a well-laid table, dressed dress gives a greater sense of celebration. It would be terrible if you hang a mirror next to the picture: attention is scattered and the entire interior seems ridiculous. But against the background of the carpet it can look good and to the point. In the living room hang mirror tilt. Better if they have an oval or any elongated shape. In the children's need to mirror and hang it needs as your child grows. The child will get used to the accuracy and learn to follow the appearance. Sometimes children uncomfortable inducing beauty in the presence of someone, so you should hang a mirror in person at your child's room. Attract his attention to interesting framing of colored plastic, wood with carved and painted with colored cords with tassels and pompoms.